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Video Conferencing - Session

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Mon, 09/30/2013 - 10:30am -- ashley.bailey

Yesterday, we had out first video conferencing session with our partner researcher at Georgia Tech. We conferenced with Dr. Mitchell Walker and his grad assistant, Lake Singh. The students had a great time and Dr. Walker and Lake engaged the students from start to finish.

Our project is based on Data Collection and Analysis. For this project, the lab at Georgia Tech completes experiments related to our science standards and we collect the data, display the data, and analyze the data after the session is over. We then will present the data to Dr. Walker at a later date. The students will also add this information to their portfolios.

This session, we watched Dr. Walker and Lake evacuate a pressure chamber of air. We learned that 1 atmosphere = 760 Torr (atmosphere and Torr are SI units for pressure). As the chamber was evacuated (it takes about 20 minutes), Dr. Walker allowed students to ask different questions about the experiment and what the purpose of the experiment was. Some students gave suggestions for other ways to experiment with pressure and vacuums - including putting a mouse in the chamber to see what happens! Lake replied to that saying it would make too big of a mess! The students thought  that was funny.

The session was a success and currently, students are working to analyze the data collected. I had several students email me about the session. They are attached below, along with a link to the recorded session, the Action Plan associated with this lesson, and pictures.


“I thought the video conference was awesome. I liked it a lot. I liked the fact that we could talk to him from such far distances. I hope we get to do that more often, because I learned a lot of cool and interesting facts.”  


D2D Bear Creek Middle School

"We believe challenging curriculum makes successful students!"


“I really liked the video conference. I think our class was really excited about getting to meet a real professor person. I loved the science experiment and hope we can do more video chats soon.”


D2D Bear Creek Middle School

“We believe challenging curriculum makes successful students.”


“I found this video conference very fun and educational. It amazes me what we can do with modern-day technology. We had some very good questions that I also asked in my mind. I want a career in mechanical engineering, so it made me impressed about what it really is. Once again, I found this project fun and worthwhile, and look forward to doing it again.”


D2D Bear Creek Middle School

'We believe a challenging curriculum makes successful students.'


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