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Elementary STEM Resources

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Wed, 12/18/2013 - 11:10am -- caroline.beaver

In a recent search for STEM in elementary grades, I have ran across the following resources that may prove useful for others and wanted to share. 

IMG SRC: Topcoder.comThis group of resources was found on the Digital Learning Environments website.

  • eGFI: (Engineering, Go For it!) Features for students and teachers on engineering, including newsletters geared for both groups. Click on the For Teachers link at the top of the page to navigate to the resource for engineering lessons and ideas, which are grouped by category and grade level.
  • PhET: I LOVE this resource!! The only drawback is that it requires Flash, so it won't work on mobile devices.  These are free, interactive simulations from the University of Colorado. This is a great way for students to explore, "What happens when I change this?" Teacher-created resources are also available.
  • Catch the Science Bug: This site is loaded with fun STEM projects. Go to the Science Files area and explore!
  • Nasa Talk: All about STEM and features lots of great content. Articles, images and cool videos are all included.
  • HP Catalyst Initiative: HP's network of leading educators, education institutions, and key stakeholders in selected countries to explore innovative approaches to STEM education.
  • Project Lead the Way: Provides comprehensive curriculum around STEM.

  • Engineering is Elementary - Developed by the Museum of Science in Boston, this site contains great resources that address engineering and technology literacy. It includes teaching resources and curriculum.
  • The Concord Consortium - Their mission: "To ignite large-scale improvements in teaching and learning through technology." Visit the Elementary Resource Finder to view the list of digital-based activities.  Most currently feature the use of probeware, but there are simulations, which would integrate nicely into existing lessons.

​Image Source: Topcoder.com