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How to use the Search function

  1. You can enter keyword text you want to search for in the top search box and press "Search" button
    • Now you will be given a list of resources that contain the text somewhere within the resources title, description, standards, etc.
    • Press the "Resources" menu item, or press the "Search" button without entering text, to return a list of all resources
  2. Use the "Add Search Criteria" drop down boxes to apply filters to narrow down your results to specific content
    • You may add as many filters as you like to further narrow down the content
    • You can remove a filter by clicking the minus (-) sign next to the applied filter in the "Current search" block
  3. Apply sorts by clicking a link in the "Sort by" block
    • Click the link a second time to reverse the sort order 
  4. To create a new search, simply type new text in the search bar and hit the "Search" button again.
    • Note that this resets any active filters that have been applied.
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